Skeevivor Wrap Up!

Last night we hosted Skeevivor in partnership with SkeeBoston, the ONLY skeeball league in Boston!

What is Skeevivor? It’s a fun skeeball tournament  in the spirit of survivor. Participants are picked out of a hat at random and are called to compete against 3 other people each round. Each person rolls a full round and the lowest score gets eliminated.

The winners were placed in a special pile and the losers were put back into the hat for another chance to play.

A SkeeBoston regular was participating in the tournament and SMOKED us round after round. We didn’t know you could score 500+ points!

Many, many, games later, we were down to the final few people who competed for the championship. The last game was best of 3 and it was a nail-biter!…but Staci pulled out the win for the second time (she won our tournament in February!)

We’re planning Skeevivor 3 in winter, 2018 and hope you will join us! Check out some more pictures from the event on our Instagram.

Interested in SkeeBoston? Check out their website: