The Story of S3

S3 Simply Social Sports (formerly Singles Social Sports) was born and raised in the city of Chicago. The Founder of S3 found himself wanting to escape the cold and lonely winters - and figured he wasn't the only guy stuck at home. How great it would be, he thought, to be active, meet others, and play in a social sports league. So what did he spend that winter doing? Creating it.

Why? It seems like everyone wants to play on co-ed recreational sports teams, but often times find it difficult to organize a group of friends to sign up a whole squad. But what if you could join a team either by yourself or with a couple of friends while knowing that everyone on that team is ready to meet new people? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

The franchise grew to New York City where the founder of S3 Boston, Jessica, played in NYC's first {singles} softball league with her wing-woman. Three years later, Jessica moved to Boston to start a new S3 league of her own. S3 Boston started out as a singles league but grew into a social league in 2017. Read our story here.

S3 Leagues are more than just leagues. By putting you on a team of players with others your age from your neighborhood, we offer a unique social experience where meeting new friends and making a connection are just as important as the sports themselves. We pride ourselves in running the most fun, welcoming, personal leagues in the city. And we put together some pretty incredible league-wide events throughout the season.



So if you are the kind of person who likes to meet new people, be active and play a little recreational sports while you’re at it, JOIN US!

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