The Official S3 Indoor Wiffle Ball Rules

First things first, we’re playing Wiffle Ball, meaning this will be a really laid back, social, recreational league.
1. A standard full team in the field consists of 8 total players, including 2 outfielders. You may not have more than 5 guys in the “field” at a time. There are no rules on who must play which positions. Cheerleader is not a position. Neither is jerk. Let’s have fun!
2. All active players will be put into the batting order. If you will be playing in the field even for 1 inning, you will be batting all game. You can change fielding positions all you would like, but once the game starts, the batting order may not be altered for any reason. The batting order is at the discretion of the team, but must be listed as guy, girl, guy, girl, etc, including bottom to top of the lineup. If you don’t have an equal number of players for each gender, once the last guy/girl in the roster has batted, the next guy/girl up is the person at the top of your list of that gender and you go through them again.
3. Once the pitcher has the ball in their control, and is on the mound, “time” will be called and the play ends. Time may not always be necessarily called aloud, but play will be dead and no runners may advance. If a runner is a good distance ahead of the base when the pitcher has control on the mound, the runner may still advance, but the umps will call time if no aggressive move is made to advance. The pitcher having the ball on the mound doesn’t automatically send runners back to the base behind them, it’s just so people can’t keep messing around once the play is basically over.
4. The foul line is the line on the court in front of home plate. All walls and ceiling are in play. Any ball caught off of a deflection from the wall or ceiling is an out. A home run will be awarded if the ball hits the back wall above the glass area.
5. We use a 12″ wiffle ball in this league, so you don’t need a glove!
6. Strikes, Balls, Outs: Pitch and safe/out calls are up to the sole discretion of the game umpire. Don’t even try arguing with the ump. A foul is a strike. Yes, that means you CAN get out on a foul. 
7. A good pitch has a height of the batter until twice the height of the batter and LANDS ON home plate or directly behind it. Pitches outside these guidelines are balls. You will be called out if you try to get walked.
8. Bunting is allowed.
9. There are no overthrows, since the ball will bounce off the walls all balls are in play.
10. There are no lead-offs. If you lead off you will be called out. You may leave the base as soon as the ball is hit. You may tag up on all balls (including fouls) that are caught.
11. To prevent collisions, you may overrun the base by a few steps as long as you don’t turn to run to the next base.
12. There will be two bases on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd – one for the runner, and one for the fielder. The runner’s base is the right base. If you accidentally run to the incorrect base you will be given a warning. You must stay on the base until the ball is hit.
13. You can throw the ball at runner below the neck to tag them out. If you hit them in the head they will be called safe.
14. The pitcher and fielders must stay behind the pitcher’s mound until the ball has been hit. Also, outfielders must remain a few feet past the baseline until the ball has been hit. If the fielding team does not abide by this, the batter may be given first base.
15. Games are 7 innings or 50 minutes from game start time, but no inning will begin with less than 5 minutes remaining. Ties are allowed if no time remains, but we’ll do everything in our power to break the tie.
16. A game is considered a complete game if 4 full innings have been completed.
17. There is a STRICT NO CONTACT RULE in effect that BOTH teams must be aware of. Runners must do everything they can to avoid contact, but fielders also must be aware of where they are positioned in relation to the runners and do everything in their power to avoid contact as well. FIELDERS, DO NOT BLOCK THE BASES. If you block the base or impede the runner from getting to the base, interference may be called and the runner called safe. If you take your last few steps while running home to go around a baseman that’s blocking the base so you don’t plow em over, we’ll likely call you safe. The ump will make the call as to who’s at fault with the contact and make the appropriate call as to whether it is safe or out. Situations that arise from contact may warrant a playing being ejected from the game at the ump’s discretion. It is the umpire’s judgment call as to what the call will be. Just remember that this is a fun league and we’re here to just have fun, so avoid contact AT ALL COSTS.
18. Your team forfeits if by 10 minutes after scheduled game start time, you do not have at least 5 players, including at least 2 of each gender. We always want to play games rather than forfeit so the ump may decide to give a team a little additional time to get enough players so we can play a game. You can play with as many girls as you’d like in the field. If you need to have a 6th guy play in the field if you are short girls, this 6th guy will be catcher but is not allowed to take plays at home, only throw the ball back to the pitcher. The score of a forfeit game will be 10-0. Tell your team as soon as you know if you can’t make a game!
Remember, the idea of this league is to have fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league. S3 reserves the right to remove a player from a game or a league if they are considered to be bringing down the quality of the league or ruining the experience for everyone.
Those are the rules! Just remember to play fair, have fun, and be safe.