Official S3 Softball Rules

1. 10 total players will play on the field at a time: 5 Girls and 5 Guys. If one team is short 5 girls at the beginning of the game, both teams are allowed up to 6 guys in the field for that game. There are no rules on who can play each position.

2.  Batting order is boy, girl: All active players will be put into the batting order. You can change fielding positions as need be, but once the game starts, the batting order may not be altered for any reason. The batting order is at the discretion of the team, but must be listed as guy, girl, guy, girl, etc. If you don’t have an equal number of players for each gender, once the last guy/girl in the roster has batted, the next guy/girl up is the person at the top of your list of that gender and you go through them again.

3. Innings: Games are 7 innings or 50 minutes from game start time, but no inning will begin with less than 10 minutes remaining. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE ON TIME. You WILL lose playing time if your team arrives late or if you do not take the field on time. Show up early and be prepared. 

4. Forfeits: Your team forfeits if by 10 minutes after scheduled game start time, you do not have at least 7 players, including at least 2 of each gender. The score of a forfeit game will be 10-0. Make sure you tell your team ahead of time if you will be missing the game!

5. Ties are allowed if no time remains but we’ll do everything in our power to give you extra playing time to break the tie.

6. We use a 14″ Softball. A 14″ softball is a bigger ball in comparison to the standard 12 inch softball. Softball gloves are required when playing the field. (Please note: the Friday and Sunday leagues use a 12″ Softball)

7. Cleats: No metal spikes allowed!

8. Forfeits: Your team forfeits if by 10 minutes after scheduled game start time, you do not have at least 7 players, including at least 2 of each gender. The score of a forfeit game will be 10-0. Make sure you tell your team ahead of time if you will be missing the game!

9. Batters start with a 1-1 count. First foul is a strike but you cannot strike out on foul ball.

10. Strikes, Balls, Outs: Pitch and safe/out calls are up to the sole discretion of the game umpire.

11. Pitching:  Pitcher MUST be at 50 feet (or further) at time of release of pitch. The ball must arc 3 feet from point of release, and cannot go above 12 feet. Speed must be slow and it should land on the strike mat. If a ball lands directly on the plate it is a ball. Pitches outside of these guidelines are considered balls. Any close calls are at the discretion of the umpire.

12. Overthrows: On an overthrow to first or third, runners are only allowed to advance to the next base beyond where they were at the time the ball was overthrown. Players will be advanced one base at the discretion of the umpire – the base will be determined by the position of the player when the ball went out of play. Overthrows to second and home are considered live unless otherwise specified by the umpire.

13. No Stealing Bases: Once the pitcher has the ball in their control and is on the mound, “time” will be called and the play endsNo runners may advance. If a runner is ahead of the base when the pitcher has control on the mound, the runner may still advance, but the umps will call time if no aggressive move is made to advance.

14. To prevent collision, you are allowed to overrun the base by a few steps. However, if you turn and continue to the next base, you may be called out if tagged by the ball.

15. “Infield Fly Rule”: On an infield fly (any fly ball within the infield with significant arc and deemed an “easy catch”) with less than 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd, the batter is automatically out and runners can advance (after the catch), but at their own risk. It is entirely the umpires judgment call when to enforce this rule.

16. Lead-offs: There are no lead-offs. If you lead off you will be called out. You may leave the base as soon as the ball is hit. You may tag up on foul balls that are caught.

17. Bunting: Bunting is not allowed. You will be given a warning the first time and it will be called a strike if done again.

18. Slaughter Rule: There is a 7 run slaughter rule for innings 1-5, unless one of those innings is declared the final inning of the game. The slaughter rule does not apply to a team who is losing by 5 or more runs at the start of the inning, in this case the losing team can only score as many runs as puts them 7 ahead. There is no slaughter rule in the final inning. There is no game ending slaughter rule.

19. Completed game: A game is considered ‘complete’ if 4 full innings have been completed. If a game is rained out and 4 full innings have been played, the game may be declared official and the score counted as complete.

20. SLIDING IS NOT ALLOWED. You will be called out if you slide. Because there is no sliding allowed, we do allow you to overrun the base by a few steps and still be called safe. However, if you overrun the base and turn to go to the next base, you will be called out.

21. The pitcher and fielders must stay behind the pitcher’s mound until the ball has been hit. Outfielders must remain past the dirt until the ball has been hit. On some fields where the dirt goes out pretty far, the ump will tell you how far into the dirt you’re allowed. If the fielding team does either of these things, the batter may be given first base. Only 6 players may be in the infield dirt before a ball is hit.

22. Do not throw the bat after swinging at the ball. If you throw the bat once you will be given a warning, the second time you will be called out.

23. STRICT NO CONTACT RULE: This rule will be strictly enforced. Runners must do everything they can to avoid contact, and fielders must also be aware of the running lane. Fielders are NOT allowed to block the bases or base path. If the base is blocked or if the fielder attempts to impede the runner from getting to the base, interference may be called and the runner called safe. The ump will make the call as to who’s at fault with the contact and make the appropriate call as to whether it is safe or out. Situations that arise from contact may warrant a player being ejected from the game at the ump’s discretion. Repeated physical contact will result in removal from the league without refund or warning. All final calls are up to the umpires’ discretion.

24. Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking/Trash: Alcohol & Drugs are not permitted at any of the fields before, during, or after the game. Violation of this rule jeopardizes the use of the field for the entire league. Violators will be expelled from the league without refund. Please smoke outside of the grounds and clean up any trash after the game.

25. Sportsmanship and FUN!: Above all else, this league is for FUN and enjoyment of all those involved. You signed up for S3 to have a good time and meet awesome people, not to argue with the other team or the umpires. S3 Boston and its umpires will not hesitate to eject and/or expel players for inappropriate acts of conduct.

Those are the rules! Just remember to play fair, have fun, and be safe.



Starting the first week of playoffs, teams will be seeded and placed into multiple divisions based on regular season records.

Tiebreakers (in order):

1. Total runs in the season

2. Head-to-head match ups

3. Strength of schedule

Because all teams are made based on your age group and male/female ratio, we do our best to create even teams based on the information given during registration. This method of running playoffs allows similarly skilled teams to play each other as well as the ability to complete playoffs in the field time allotted for the season. Remember these are recreational leagues. We want everyone to have an enjoyable time throughout the season, rather than gloat about the standing at the bar. Check your season schedule for details on how the playoffs will be run for your specific league.