Official S3 Bowling Rules

S3 Boston’s leagues are first and foremost FUN and SOCIAL leagues. Our goal is to have a good time and meet new people.

  1. Each week will consist of 2 hours and 15 minutes of game play. Each team is responsible for managing their time to bowl two games. If a team fails to finish a second game the average will be based on the last completed frame.
  2. You play the same team for two games each week. The average of both games played will determine your win/loss record for the week.
  3. To determine who wins each game we will take the total score for your lane and divide it by the total number of people on your lane that bowled that game. There can be up to 8 people bowling on each lane. For example, if 8 people show up to bowl on Team #1 and the total team score is 1200 for a game, you divide by 8 and Team #1’s average for that game is 150. Then say Team #2 has 7 bowlers and their team total score for the game was 1120. You divide that by 7 people being there and Team #2’s average for that game is 160. So Team #2 wins the game.
  4. All games are Scratch. Scratch bowling is when all bowlers are credited with only their original score (no handicap) and the score will be based on how many pins you knock down (don’t worry the machine calculates all the fancy math).
  5. All games start at 6:45pm, so please arrive NO LATER than 6:30pm. This will give you enough time to get shoes, grab a drink, find your lane and warm up. If you come after this time, you may have to wait until the next game.
  6. Substitute players ARE allowed in this league. If you cannot make it one week, tell your team at least 48 hours in advance so your team can find a replacement for the night. When the sub arrives, simply notify someone at the front desk to tell them who they are filling in for. If you cannot find a substitute player, let them know who is missing and that you don’t have a sub to fill in for this person. In this case, your team score will then be averaged by 7 people rather than 8. You will forfeit if you do not have at least 3 people to play, at least one of each gender.
  7. S3 Boston will keep track of your weekly average and team points on our website.
  8. 3 players from each team must be in attendance in order for their weekly average to count toward the finals.
  9. We do not foresee any cancellations, however, if any league night is cancelled, we will inform all players of a makeup date.
  10. Report any mechanical problems, spills or other concerns to Kings personnel immediately. Never cross the black foul line. At no time are we permitted on the bowling lanes. Anyone needing assistance should contact Jillian’s personnel. Correct footwear should be used at all times and soles should be kept clean and dry. Always keep hands out of the ball return.
  11. All members play at the discretion of the bowling alley. If there is a major infraction (e.g., you are caught bringing outside alcohol into bowling alley, starting a fight, damaging equipment, etc.) you will be kicked out of the bowling alley and league, and your dues will not be refunded.

If you ever need ANYTHING AT ALL, such as putting in a sub, making a player blind, can’t figure out how to use the computer, or if your pins get stuck, please contact the bowling alley staff at the front counter and they will help you out.

The regular season is the first 4 weeks of the season. Playoffs begin week 5 and finals week 6. Teams are placed into 2 divisions based on regular season records. The top 4 teams in the top division, the next 4 in the next, etc. The tiebreaker for playoffs rankings is your teams overall average throughout the regular season.

Last But Not Least…

Some players will be freakishly awesome, some will have no idea why there are holes in bowling balls. Whichever you are, come knowing that no one cares how good you are and that we’re all here simply to hang out and meet some cool people. This is the most recreational league you’ll ever play in with how we run it, which is kind of what bowling is meant to be anyways, so make sure to drink plenty of beer, be super social, and don’t think too hard about winning games. After a few weeks it’ll just be you and your friends are hitting the lanes to bowl and winning becomes an afterthought.  After all, all teams of individuals are put together at random by age (and friend requests). So while your team is your team for the season, make sure to meet others too! That’s the whole point of S3 Boston!