S3Boston.com has a new look!

S3Boston.com has a new look!

Check out our new homepage!

As many of your know, S3 Boston started with one Singles Softball league the summer of 2013. At that time, we just needed a functional website to register people for one league and track scores. At that time we thought S3 would just be softball, similar to the S3 in NYC. But as the season went on, and as we got to know many of you, we realized a social group was forming and wanted (needed) to add on more sports and keep the league going throughout the year.

That September we did one Volleyball league. That October we did one Bowling league. That January we hosted one Cornhole tournament. And for the next year we only hosted one league each season with no overlap.

As the years went on, the leagues added on, and we quickly became a league that was capable of hosting multiple leagues a season with numerous events each month.

But as we grew, our website stayed the same, and we found it hard to to grow the league while being handicapped by older technology.

The first S3Boston.com

Over the past year we (mostly Keegan) have been working to develop a new, mobile friendly, website for S3. This redesign is more than just a surface makeover, we have spent months configuring TeamSnap to host our schedule and standings. This change will eliminate manual updates and having numerous hands in the pot.

You will now also be able to access your schedule and standings from the homepage.

Over the next few months we will be adding in a league history and event history so you can look back at champions from seasons past.

We hope you’ll enjoy the cleaner look. As with all launches, there will be a few glitches and broken links that we missed during QA. Please email us at info@s3boston.com to let us know if you see anything so we can fix it.