Looking to join a recreational sports team? Well you’re in luck! S3 Boston’s co-ed recreational sports teams are brimming with people just like you who enjoy playing sports in a laid back, social atmosphere. We group you with peers your age in your own neighborhood, offering a one-of-a-kind experience where you’ll never strike out in making new friends and networking. We pride ourselves in running the most fun, welcoming, personal leagues in the city. And we put together some pretty incredible league-wide events during the season to keep you busy!

So what’s the catch? There’s only one. Promise us that when you find that girl or guy of your dreams, you’ll buy us a drink to celebrate!

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Stay Social This Spring in a Coed Rec League!

Beach Volleyball


Summer Softball


People really do find love in S3!


Rami and Sam met last year during summer Softball. Despite being on different teams, the met at the bar during post game shenanigans at the league sponsor bar. After dating for a year and moving in together, they decided to seal the deal in November, 2014 :).

What makes S3 Different than other leagues?

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